We are PLANK STUDIO or formally Ricard Badia, Russ Etheridge and Milo Targett. Three super duper Wacom wielding, pencil sharpening, chin tapping creatives highly skilled in brining to life those little big ideas that exist in your imagination. Collectively we bring a supersized bowl of animation knowhow, with a side order of chips ‘n’ dips. And if that doesn’t float your boat coz you wanna get realz and down to business, well... it’s a good job we have years of experience in the motion industry, creating dozens of high profile and award-winning campaigns.  

Got an idea? Need to brainstorm? Get in touch! We’ll put the kettle on and get the special, extra crumbly, finest quality, client only biscuits out! We’re here to help you make some pixels dance!

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Studio 24, Bickerton House,
25-27 Bickerton Road,
London, N19 5JT

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